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A well-manicured lawn will help your garden, grounds, and property look and feel great, and help you get the most from your garden. Keeping on top of your lawn isn't always easy however, especially if you're short on free time, or unable to maintain your garden. Never fear, though, as we're here to help.

Superb lawn services in Stockton-on-Tees

The Spring and Summer service runs throughout the cutting season from March until October and offers weekly or fortnightly lawn mowing. Our reliable lawn mowing service includes strimming the edges, cut, roll and stripe the lawn, remove all cuttings and blow all hardstandings free of loose grass.

Spring and Summer

We carry out all forms of lawn treatments from March until October and includes Hollow tining,

Scarifications and both granular and liquid weed and feeds. Feeding of an established lawn is the single most important factor which leads to the quality of the lawn deteriorating. Lawns, like all

living organisms require regular feeding and watering if they are to remain in a healthy condition. If they are not fed regularly, the grass plants thin out and cannot compete with weeds and moss.

All established lawns should be fed in the Spring at the first real signs of any growth. This enables the lawn to start the season off with good, vigorous, healthy growth ahead of any germinating weeds.  The same feed should be applied regularly throughout the growing season, normally every 4-6 weeks with the last Summer feed before the end of August. To maintain a healthy state and a good colour throughout the winter period, it is essential the lawn is given an Autumn/Winter feed from late October onwards.


For optimal condition we advise that the lawn should be mechanically aerated using a hollow tine machine in late Autumn for best results. The lawn should be scarified at least once a year which will remove the build up of thatch.


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Lawn treatments

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